3 Timeless Dresses to Try for a Casual Night Out

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A casual night out with friends, colleagues or your partner shouldn’t be too stressful – fashion-wise. After all, you need to feel comfortable, look good without flashing around unjustified glam, highlight your best body and face features, stand out of the crown in a stylish way and so on. This is easier to be said than done – as most women already know.

No matter how “casual” a night out might be, women still go through the eternal “what to wear dilemma”, especially if they want their outfit to match the occasion, the environment, and the atmosphere. Today we decided to narrow down things to three timeless dresses. Why timeless? Because they work great independently from the fashion trends du jour, being ageless, versatile and easy to jazz up or tone down according to the situation. Let’s see them today, accompanied by a few styling tips and tricks.

1. The Little Black Dress

Needless to say, this is the first and most important piece you should think about. The little black dress is a staple of refinement and style, and it can be transformed into any type of attire – it all depends on how you accessorize it. Don’t for a second think that the little black dress will work well only on semi-formal or formal occasions like cocktail/corporate parties. You can dress the LBD up to go clubbing, to a hot pub in town, to the movies or to a late night dinner.

  • Turn the demure LBD into a chic staple of casual style by pairing it with a few statement pieces, like a necklace and some stacked bracelets. Black goes great with darker metals like bronze or copper, as silvery or golden hues might make it look a bit too flashy. Colored summery accessories also make the LBD look fun, laidback and cool.
  • For summer night parties, pair the LBD with a slim fit denim jacket and a pair of sneakers or slouchy ankle booties – the mix of glam and street-smart is exactly what you need.

2. The Bardot Off-Shoulder Dress

This dress is feminine, mid-length, comfortable and slouchy, adding a touch of old-school glam to the contemporary designs we see nowadays. There are plenty of ways to wear and style up an off-shoulder Bardot dress as it is perfect for everything casual: running errands in the afternoon, having a late dinner with friends, going on a casual date, spend some time with your family in the backyard and so on.

  • Such dresses are heavily influenced by the hippie and romantic era, so pick one in a sheer natural fabric like silk, cotton, lace, chiffon and so on and have a blast with it.
  • Wear your hair loose, in tousled beach bangs for a more romantic look, a ponytail for a more casual-fun look or an uncomplicated updo if you want to highlight your neckline and tanned shoulders.
  • Any dress can be styled up or jazzed down by jewelry – for a dash of glam layer some necklaces in various lengths. If you want a more feminine and discrete appearance, a simple choker necklace will do the trick.

3. The Flowery Printed Maxi Dress

Fashion trends may come and go; runways and designer shows might set the music for one season or another, but some things remain unchanged. This is the case with the flowery printed maxi dress. The flowers can be graphic and vividly colored, they can be abstract, barely suggested or incorporated into ethnic or tribal prints – but they are there and they are ageless. A modern flowery printed dress (strapless, with straps, short sleeves or off-shoulder) is your go-to outfit for casual events.

  • Pair it with stylish flat strappy sandals or gladiator ones for beach walks and parties.
  • Pair it with a denim jacket and some cool sneakers for a night out in town to get drinks, dinner and laughs with your friends.
  • Add some high heels and a cool crocheted shawl for a romantic look if you go on a casual date.
  • Remember the flowery dress should add value to your body type and match your personal style. It can be styled up with few accessories, as the dress is the main one, not the jewelry.

Such dresses are iconic and ageless – as we said, they can be your best friends in times of need and can take you anywhere from cocktail parties to even fancy restaurants.

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