4 Useful Tips for a Pool Party: How to Look Fashionable

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Even if you’re not visiting the greatest pool-side events in Vegas, Ibiza, or Marbella, having some stylish clothes to go to a pool party at your local lido is important as well.However, the desire to impress your friends by looking stylish is often confronted by a serious challenge of finding the right stuff to wear.

Since a pool event is normally a combination of beach fun and party amusement, you’d rather prefer having something both stylish and comfortable. In other words, you would be searching for the glam of an evening dress combined with the comfort of your casual wear. Although that is far from being an easy task, some of the tips mentioned below may help you create your personal style as well as can trigger a few interesting ideas.

  1. Avoid being ordinary.

This doesn’t mean you should wear something unusual or weird. However, if you’re creative enough, you can always make a conventional outfit look interesting and captivating. Try and make a knot out of your boring T-shirt to transform it into a stylish top or pair your see-through net dress with a colourful bikini swimsuit.You can also cut off the neckline and the sleeves of one of your old T-shirts to create a fancy T-shirt dress.


  1. Take a funky beach towel.

Since some of you may want to invite a couple of your friends to sit at the seashore for a pleasant conversation, having a fancy blanket with you is quite a smart idea. And if you use something like a Turkish peshtemal, you won’t even have to take a bag for it, as you can always use this lightweight item as a part of your pool party outfit.

  1. Pick up proper accessories.

Since accessorizing is often overlooked when going to a pool party, don’t forget to complement your garment with some fashion accessories. Although those don’t have to be expensive jewelry, make sure they fit your style and combine with the colour scheme of your outfit. So, if you decide to buy a Turkish towel at places like a One Stop Turkish Shop, make sure you get there some authentic Oriental beads to match your style too.

  1. Take some stylish sunshades.

If the pool party starts in the daytime make sure you have some sunglasses to keep your eyes protected. However, you can always use them as a fancy headband accessory later in the evening. Make sure they match your bag and wedges and top them with a stylish floppy hat to complete your glamorous look.