6 Important Shopping Tips for the Dress of Bride’s Mother

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Either you are bride’s mother or grooms you will be the most important person at you son’s/daughter’s wedding, because everyone at that ceremony will be having their eyes on you after the bride and groom.

You will be all over the wedding pictures. All cameras will snap at you. Have you not yet shopped for your dress for the event?

When you find yourself shopping for your mother of the bride dress, you’ll find that you want to take all of these aspects into consideration and have your daughter, the bride, by your side in case you need her opinion on the outfit you’re planning to wear.

The nice thing about shopping for a wedding gown for your daughter is you can usually find mother of the bride outfits right alongside the bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses.

mother bride dress

Here are six important tips that might help you with your shopping:

  1. Talk to your daughter. Ask her what she wants you to look like. Get her opinion. After all it’s her big day.
  2. Get Going – start your shopping sessions as soon as possible, after the bride is done with her own wedding dress and the bridesmaid dress is even finished, you can start searching for the mother of the bride
  3. Once discussed with your daughter and decided what you want to wear start shopping. Do it as early as possible. But it should be after the shopping of brides and bridesmaid dresses. Match it with the bride and bridesmaid dresses. You don’t want to look out of the line. So follow their lead.
  4. Find your shade. Don’t clash it with the bride or bridesmaid dresses. Avoid wearing white,off-white or ivory shade because that would clatter with the brides dress. You don’t want to snatch the spotlight from your daughter it’s her day after all.
  5. Communicate with the bride. In case of grooms mother you have to discuss it with your future daughter in law that what exactly she plans to wear for her wedding day. What she wants you to dress like. Let her send you some magazine cuttings, pictures or ideas for your dress. If you don’t like them you can always tell her.
  6. Discuss with the Mother of the Groom. Thebride’s mother should discuss with the groom’s mother when she hasdecide what to wear, telling her of shade and smartness. So that the mother of the groom shouldn’t buy something exactly like what mother of the bride has bought neither should she buy something totally opposite to the dress of bride’s mother? Both mothers (mother of the bride and mother of the groom) should wear something that compliments the whole wedding and the couple. Dresses should not be clashed.