6 Must-Have Winter Garments to Stay Comfortable and Stylish

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Every season comes with its list of essentials or we should say must-have items that your wardrobe should possess. During winter there is one thing that you should keepin mind and that is, to look fashionable yet keep yourself properly warm.

We now present before you 6 wardrobe essentials that would come handy for every occasion.

  • Skinny Jeans

When it comes to winter season, you should stay updated with a pair of skinny jeans as its streamlined silhouette does help you to layer several items on top to get the style as well as the much needed warmth. You can adorn them with a pair of jacket and ballet shoes or probably wear wedges or point toe heels and stride out for your night out. These ever so trendy go-to pants will never go wrong come what may!

  • Cashmere Sweater or jumpers

No doubt, jumpers are the in thing this season. They have been here for ages and are regarded as the classic winter wear item; luckily it never goes out of style! With a chic side zip jumperyou could easily step up and beat any style. Or a cashmere jumper or sweater would equally look trendy yet keep you comfortable from within. This chic layering piece is so easy to carry-wear it over a dress or simply wear it on top of a pair of jeans or trousers. They look great and go well with probably everything- be it leather pants, skirts or printed trousers. They are well structured with the purest of wool making them a timeless piece of fashionable item, your wardrobe cannot afford to miss!

  • Fedora

While thinking of winters, probably the thought about a hat may not strike you;opting for a felt or wool fedora is one great way to keep yourself fully warm without sacrificing the style factor. Undeniably, this is a fashionable accessory and when you are done with it, this item can make any outfit look modish yet elegant.

  • Statement Coat

During winters you need to make sure that you have a good outwear and if that’s the case, why not opt for a great statement coat? It will assist to pop out beautiful colors especially when you are adorning an all-black outfit.

  • Over The Knee Boots

They look so chic and modish- indeed the perfect combination for winters! If you wish to attain a casual day look, adorn them with a simple jumper and a pair of jeans. However, if you want to attain the glamfashion look, adorn it with a short dress or skirt and strut around with your friends or man!

  • Knitted Jumper Dress

Wish to show a little leg yet stay warmed up during winters? Then it would be best to opt for a knitted jumper dress, as it will help you to even stay cozy throughout the time you have them on.If you wish to add in more warmth to your attire, you can pair them with tights or you can also wear your favorite winter jacket on top, which you can remove as and when you want to. They are available in a flotilla of styles and stress-free versions. Believe us; you simply cannot go wrong here. Remember to wear a great pair of shoes with knitted jumper dresses to bringout the best look forward.