A High Waisted Bikini Will Give You That 50s Pinup Look Men Die For

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Everyone knows that fashion works in cycles. The current trends are focusing less on the waiflike fashion models of the nineties, and are embracing fuller figured women. This means that the availability of designs and sizing options are changing, too. Good-bye string bikinis, hello high-waisted bikinis. This trend will continue into summer 2016 and bring back the feeling of glamour from the classic car era, and pin-up girls like Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe and Sofia Loren.

Leaving more to the imagination is a good thing, especially since a woman’s middle is a hard area to maintain. Sometimes summer sneaks up on us before our bodies are beach-ready. Low cut and true bikini bottom cuts are no longer trending right now, and stores are trying their best to accommodate the new direction. High-waisted bikinis in bright colors are in and as always, black is a sophisticated go-to option. Polka dots and neon brights can camouflage problem areas as well, and color blocking is more popular than ever. Look back at the pinup looks that add bright fabrics and you’ll see why the mainstream tastemakers are turning this fashion fresh again.

As much as brick and mortar stores try to stock items in plus sizes, there just isn’t enough space. Also, shopping can fill you with despair when trying on a swimsuit at a store. The unflattering florescent lights are dreadful and the attendants are always rushing you to make a choice. One of the best things about this technologically advanced day and age in which we live is that you can order swimsuits online and try them on in the privacy of your own home. The online shopping revolution has made it easier than ever to find affordable stylish plus size items, and they will be delivered to your door hassle-free.

The other advantage to online shopping is a larger selection of fabrics and styles. Department stores often only have a few designs in a style and even fewer per size and the best ones get picked over quickly. If you are not shopping for a swimsuit in the first week or so that swim wear comes on the market, you are likely to have missed the best look for you. Online retailers such as swimsuitsforall are not limited by physical space and so they have more items in stock year-round, and offer more off season sales to help make that perfect swimsuit purchase a reality.

Keeping somewhat covered is tantalizing and more comfortable if you are actually going to swim in your swimwear. Some of the skimpier outfits available could only be worn lounging on a chaise, but tankinis, swimdresses, and waist high bikinis from swimsuitsforall are versatile pieces of beachwear that can take you from the water to the bar and even to dinner. If you’re thinking about swimming without wardrobe malfunctions, high-waisted bikinis will not fall down and give full bottom coverage while also looking hot.

“Leave something to the imagination” is sound advice that has stood the test of time. Take it from the experts at swimsuitsforall: Men don’t want to see it all, or have other men looking at it all, so find a sexy, trendy, plus-size swimsuit that will make you look and feel your best. Follow the example of the ’50s beauties and find your new swimsuit online.