Accessory Fashion Trends for 2017

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It is time to refresh our closets. Now, when all fashion shows are over, we have finally made the list of the most impressionable accessory trends of them all. The biggest question is: is your closet ready for t

Edgy braceletsImage result for Edgy bracelets

When it comes to bracelets – you can go wild. You can combine everything you want. The biggest accent is at arm cuffs and wrap bracelets – everything is in layers. Also, if you are a sporty type there is not a better accessory to get you noticed than a few cool wristbands around your joints.You can find great custom silicone bracelets at Amazing Wristbands.


First there were 90s chokers, but now it is a whole other story. We now have lace chokers, glitter chokers, velvet chokers, and of course: wrap chokers. They are so simple but yet so edgy. They have a special statement and they are a must have 2017 accessories. Combine your choker with a few more necklaces, because layered necklaces are an absolute hit.

Faux fur coatsImage result for Faux fur coats

Pay a special attention to the FAUX part. Taking care of animals is ALWAYS a trend. Now, I think we need to thank our celebrities for this one, because they have really been embracing this lately, and it suddenly showed up on runways. The best thing is that, not only they look way cooler than real fur ones (because faux fur is much easier to shape of course), they also come in all the colors you can think of. Black? Of course. Green? YES! Garnish pink? Oh my God yes!

Stay sequinned

I’m not gonna lie, I am so freakin’ happy because of this! Have you noticed how all the store shelves started to slowly fill with sequinned items? They are finally here, and it is time to shine bright like a diamond (Riri reference). Bombers, Jackets, Skirts, Tops, Pants.. Everything looks so much prettier with them! Especially the black ones, which are definitely winning this season by the way. The key to look fabulous while adding sequinned items to your outfit is that you keep it simple. One sequinned item is perfectly enough while others should be basic. For example – black bell pants, nice simple black heels, and a sequinned top – hello red carpet chick.

Midi rings

This isn’t much of a news because, well, they are around for a few years now. You have them at every street style store in the world, but if you are a ring person you already know all this, and if you’re not then you simply don’t care.

Stainless steel watchesImage result for stainless steel watches for women

They are just…Timeless (I’ve been waiting for this joke to be said for so long!). On a serious note now, this is an accessory that always looks magnificent. It is a one fabulous piece of jewelry that will stick around forever. You choose will it be the golden one, red gold one or the silver one. Whatever you pick, never forget the golden rule: never mix metals (the rest of your jewelry has to match with it).

Velvet over the knee boots

Over the knee boots have already been a huge hit for a while. But this year, designers decided to bring the velvet out as well. Combine those two and you will get a new footwear trend. They are sexy and minimalistic, but yet you have to be very careful when combining them. Velvet can make you look like a million dollar chick, but it can also make you look like a streetwalker if you are not careful with it.

Insane platforms

Yes honey, even the 80s managed to come back somehow. I don’t know were these used as some kind of a designer’s artistic expression or something like that, but apparently the audience liked them and they began to mass produce once again. You can find them in all colors, designs and heights. Metallic combined with cork? Go for it. All black? Oh so you want to be a little bit on a classy side today huh? The only thing that must be said is that there are two types of people: ones that adore them and the ones who would never get near them. Which one are you?

Sock bootsImage result for Sock boots

Umm, well, how can I explain this, let’s see. They are boots, and they are also, socks. And hold your laughter hun, because they look absolutely fabulous and we all love them. Besides the fact that they have this amazing futuristic look, they are also super comfy because they basically „hug“ your leg and they stay in place – skintight rules. There is no need to mention that there are countless colors and shapes.

That would be it. What do you think about these trends? Let me know in the comments.

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