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Aging is a natural phenomenon that characterizes living things and cannot be completely stopped but relatively controlled. Apart from the face, the hand is one other part of the body where signs of aging can easily be noticed, and for individuals who feel insecure about their old looking hands, there is every need for an anti aging hand cream. Every day, the hands are used in performing several types of activities, thereby exposing them to chemicals, heat, cold and even ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can lead to dry and cracked hands, development of age spots, wrinkles on the hands and a host of other undesirable features that are associated with aging.

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Majority of people pay close attention to the welfare of their skin and having pretty, young looking hands is a top priority, as this part of their body is one of the main centres of attraction. Anti aging hand creams contain a variety of components that help to protect the hands from harsh elements, while keeping the skin smooth and supple. Brands of anti aging hand creams out there are endless, so, for you to get the best out of this product, it is very necessary that you watch out for those that contain the proper ingredients needed to give you the finest results in the shortest possible time.

A Good anti aging hand cream should contain emollients, protectants, and potent antioxidants acknowledged for their ability to protect the skin from free radical damage, wrinkles and cracked cuticles. The presence of antioxidants also improves skin elasticity, promotes healing of the skin and further aids the skin in collagen production and protection. Presence of collagen peptides in hand cream also has a positive effect of skin’s collagen content. An ingredient like emu oil is a key emollient, which contains elements like Sapogens, know to enhance softness of the skin; fatty acids such as Oleic acid, known to boost skin cell generation while defending the skin against wrinkles, and Vitamin A, which aids in skin repair and rejuvenation. Other notable antioxidants include Vitamin E, Resveratrol, Vitamin C, Retinol, Grape seed extract etc.

Constant exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can be very detrimental to the skin as the end result is usually wrinkles, inflammation, cracking of the skin, formation of liver spots etc. It is therefore essential that an effective anti aging hand cream should contain organic compounds like titanium dioxide that reflects the suns ultraviolent rays and keeps the skin protected at all times.

Ceramides are also important in the production of anti aging hand creams. They are a group of waxy lipids, comprising fatty acid as well as sphingosine which are found in cell membranes and aid in the reproduction of cells. Whenever the skin experiences dryness, harm from the sun or inflammation, there is an instant reduction in the ceremide content of the body which leaves the skin susceptible to other forms of damage; therefore, there is a need to boost the amount of ceramide in the body for a younger, healthier looking skin.

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In conclusion, when deciding on creams to use on your body, it is advisable to select skin products that are alcohol free, fragrance free and parabene free. This is because; substances like these contain harsh compounds that are capable of causing several types of skin irritations, consequently leaving the skin damaged, rough and old looking.

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