Arab Fashion Week 2015

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Alongside the existing big-four fashion weeks which are held in New York, London, Milan and Paris, there’s now a brand new event to add to the fashion calendar: Arab Fashion Week.

Although Arab Fashion Week is still in its infancy, the organisers certainly have lofty ambitions for the show and wish to grow it into one of the highest profile events on the world fashion stage. If the “quiet” success of the first edition of the event is anything to go by, there’s every reason to believe that they can achieve it.

Middle East Fashion

The Middle East is an increasingly important region on the world fashion map and is home to arguably the most vibrant and exciting fashion market in the world. Countless design talent has emerged from the region – and it’s not just local designers that are doing well. The most famous fashion houses in the world already have a very strong presence in the Middle East and are increasingly being influenced by the diverse local culture.

Take Dubai, the home of Arab Fashion week, as a prime example. It is definitely one of the most glamorous cities in the world!


Introducing Arab Fashion Week 2015

The organizers of Arab Fashion Week saw a gap in the market to showcase fashions from both local Arab designers and international talent from all around the world.

The first edition of the event was held between31st  October and 2nd November 2015 at the Park Hyatt, Dubai and attracted talented designers like Abed Mahfouz, Rodrigo Otazu, JordyFu, Laura Mancini, GiadaCurti, ClaesIversenand Tony Ward.

Although Arab Fashion Week didn’t attract as much attention as the established shows, it was certainly an interesting event that felt special in its own unique way. This was a much more “intimate” show than any of the big-four events, and it proved to be the perfect place to see up-and-coming talent with some very interesting ideas. It was a shame that most of the big fashion houses didn’t attend the event, however this is something that’s likely to change as the show gains momentum in the future. In addition, it’s worth saying that you should pay close attention to the designers that did make an appearance. Some of theseare set to emerge to prominence on the global fashion stage in the very near future!

The best looks from Arab Fashion Week 2015

There were some show-stopping designs showcased during Arab Fashion Week, with outfits from the likes of Abed Mahfouz, Tony Ward, TIIYA by Alanoud, Laura Mancini, Selphie Bong, GiadaCurti and ClaesIversen proving to be some of the stand-out moments in the show. These are looks that are sure to make a big impact in the Spring/Summer 2016 season.

As well as the glitzy runway shows, Arab Fashion Week succeeded in bringing together many of the leading Middle East fashion figures. We’re already looking forward to the next edition of the event, which is scheduled to be held in Dubai between 16th – 19th March 2016.

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