Big term Debt credit is resolved by Debt Settlement Companies

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Hi, one of my friends told me to go with him to visit some Debt settlement companies. I asked that if he checked nicely about which company will be good for him. He showed on his laptop that he had visited http://www.toptenreviews.com/money/debt/best-debt-settlement-companies/.  I can sense that he was having enough of the information about the working features of these companies. The main reason I didn’t like this debt settling companies was because they were charging too much. I have heard many times that a number of fees that they are taking is much higher. I was strongly suggesting my friend that we should find another way. But he was asking me to come with him.

My friend had bought a land a few months back to build a storage place. But due to the uncertain problem his project did not complete on time. This was one of the reasons he was having a loss and wanted to take some type of professional help. I knew that he is talented and there would have been some issues that had to be taken out. But the problem of creditors was the bigger one and it has to be settled down first. I was only giving him company and then also I was by his side.

After reaching the debt settlement company my friend showed the file. I was amazed that he had taken a loan from different places. This was unknown to me and the loan was bit higher and for this even I was not able to help him out. The person who was talking with us told that the loan is much higher and there are two ways in which they can help. One option was to show that my friend was bankrupted and then all the accounts will be closed. But the land which he was having will be gone and the price of land never decreases. The second option was that they will be arranging methods so that all the loans are covered in one. Then he had to take a loan only from one creditor and only to pay him.

In my view, the second one was the best idea instead of the first one. Then I asked that paying all the creditors will take a huge sum of amount. The new creditor will also be asking for money and then there will be interest rates. The Debt settlement employee told that they will make the installment in easy payable amount. I was asking that what will be the amount will be and how much time it will take. They said that amount and time of new installments will be in my friends favor and it was the only thing that I wanted to know.

In just a few weeks everything was settled and now my friend is only paying for only one creditor. About the fees that this Debt Settlement companies taking are very less when compared to the services they are offering.