Buying the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

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An engagement is a very beautiful gift you can give to your significant other. It is the most memorable moment in your love life because it is that very moment where you ask your lady love if she wants to get married to you or not. Whether you propose her in the traditional style while kneeling down on your knees or by hiding the ring in a cookie or a drink, the ring needs to be super stylish and elegant. It needs to have the spark that keeps your relationship as radiant as ever. Nothing looks better than a diamond engagement ring because as the saying goes on diamonds are forever. An engagement is an everlasting promise so you definitely need something that is eternal. If you are confused about choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring, then here are few tips that are definitely going to prove helpful:

  1. Consider your Budget

You will come across a number of astonishing price ranges when you go out to find a diamond ring. Some rings might be astonishingly cheaper than your expectations while some might be too high. To make sure you get the perfect ring for your better half within your limit, you need to make sure your jeweler knows your budget.

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  1. Know a Bit about Diamonds

You need to learn a lot of information about diamonds before you get to the shop to buy one. if you want to know diamonds better, then you need to have some knowledge about the 4cs which stands for clarity, cut, color, and carat weight. Each of these features adds to the appearance of the diamond and affects its appearance in a unique way. You can evaluate and objectify a diamond’s characteristics on the basis of these 4cs.

  1. Knowing What She Likes

Out of all the important things, the one that holds the most weight is that her choice in jewelry. If you love her enough to decide that you want to marry her, then it would be unjust not to know what she likes. She has to accept it and wear it, so to make the day special for both of you, it is essential to keep her likes and dislikes in mind. If she doesn’t like gaudy and ostentatious styles, then go for delicate and elegant ones because her happiness means the world to you.

  1. Knowing her Ring Size

This one is as important as her choice because it might be embarrassing for both of you if the ring doesn’t fit well at that very moment. In order to know her size, you can simply borrow her favorite ring and take measurements in the following ways; either you can trace the inner circle of the ring on a paper, get the impression of the size on the bar of a soap or mark the point of your finger where it stops. If your loved one doesn’t wear a ring, then you can make an assessment based on her height and weight. However, it is ideal to buy a ring greater than the size you think you need because reducing the size is way easier than increasing it.