Celebrate summer with a pair of new sandals

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Once summer starts to arrive and the temperatures start to climb, there’s nothing worse than having hot feet, stuffed into a pair of shoes better suited to winter. The warmer weather is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a pair of gorgeous new sandals but it can be difficult to find summer footwear that not only looks good, it feels comfortable too.

Unfortunately the majority of the sandals available from high street retailers tend to be at the high fashion end of the market; designed with thin straps which are prone to rubbing, or thin soles which offer little or no support for the sole of the foot. If you’re going to wear your sandals all day long – whilst you’re on holiday, for example – they need to be supportive and not rub or cause blisters.2

Choose Waldlaufer for guaranteed comfort

If foot comfort is important to you, the best option would be to choose sandals made by a comfort shoe brand. There are a number of different brands available but my personal recommendation would be Waldlaufer. Waldlaufer is a German company and since they were established back in the 1960s, have earned a reputation for making high quality shoes, sandals and boots. Thanks to Waldlaufer’s commitment to comfort and foot care; they invest a great deal of time and energy into ensuring their footwear is incredibly comfortable.

Waldlaufer sandals

Waldlaufer’s range of sandals has summer covered and whether you prefer chunky trekking-style sandals or would like a more feminine style, they’ve got something for everyone. I love the whole range but because there isn’t enough space in this post to talk about every single pair, I’ll pick out a couple of my favourites instead!

Waldlaufer’sHaruna sandals are a fantastic all-round sandal and would be an invaluable part of any summer holiday wardrobe. The beauty of these sandals lies in their adjustability: they can be carefully adjusted to fit almost any feet – no matter how wide. Made from super-soft Nubuck leather, Haruna sandals are also lined with soft napped leather so there’s absolutely no danger of them rubbing or pinching. All Waldlaufer shoes and sandals have a decent sturdy sole and the Haruna sandals are no exception and although they’re not completely flat, there’s enough cushioning to help your feet feel supported and comfortable.

Waldlaufer’sHeliett sandals are the ideal option if you prefer a sandal in a fairly neutral style. Strappy enough to look nice and summery yet supportive enough for problem feet, these lovely sands are easy to adjust to ensure a perfect fit. A solid but flexible sole gives support where you need it most and the neat 3cm heel provides enough height to add a feminine touch.

Where to buy Waldlaufer sandals

It’s almost impossible to buy Waldlaufer sandals in the shops but there are a couple of online retailers who now supply them in the UK. My favourite is Cheerful Soles, an online retailer with a well-earned reputation for superb customer service. The team at Cheerful Soles are incredibly helpful and if you’re having trouble choosing the right pair, they’re always more than happy to help. They’ve got a great range of Waldlaufer sandals and details can be found by visiting their website.