Choosing the Right Wedding Band for a Man

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So much has been written about choosing the perfect engagement ring and wedding band set for brides that choosing the perfect wedding band for the groom often gets overlooked. When choosing just the right wedding band for him, there are several things to consider before making your final choice for the groom.

Consider His Lifestyle – Perhaps the most important thing to consider is a man’s lifestyle. Is he a sportsman? Is he athletic and very active, or does he have a job that involves working with his hands? If so, consider choosing a more simple style of wedding band for him so that he isn’t hindered in his day-to-day activities. The ideal men’s wedding ring won’t get in the way of what he does at work or during his hobbies or while doing sports and can take the punishment of everyday life. It’s important that the ring is comfortable, too.4

Choose Your Metal – The second thing to consider what is kind of metal you want. If you are considering gold, keep in mind that the lower the carat number, the less likely it is to be damaged doing everyday activities. A ring that is 18 ct. gold, for example, will be softer than a ring that is 14ct or even 10 ct. gold.

Do you prefer yellow or white gold? There are various types of gold to choose from.  All gold starts off yellow. White gold is created by adding other metals such as titanium to molten gold to give it a white or silver color. Consider that the higher the number of carats used to measure gold, the softer the band will tend to be and can more easily be scratched or even bent out of shape.

Pure tungsten rings are also another good choice for a man’s wedding band. Tungsten rings are very durable, scratch resistant and the metal can be stylish as well, lending itself to simple or complex ring designs.

Stones or Not? Men’s wedding rings, like those made for brides, can have stones set in them. Bear in mind, however, that bands that are set with stones most generally much harder to resize even by a skilled jewelry designer. Some men’s wedding bands set with stones cannot be resized at all, so be sure to measure for the right ring size. Men’s wedding rings also tend to be wider than those made for women. Often jewelers will encourage grooms-to-be to choose a size that is slightly larger in order to determine the best ring size for him. 4

Consider His Personality – If he is a man who likes things simple, straightforward and with no-frills, then a simple wedding band may be the best choice for him.  If he likes things that are just a bit different or cutting edge, perhaps a two-toned ring that incorporates two different types of metal such as rose and yellow gold or gold and tungsten are more his style.

Another consideration when choosing a wedding band is to take into account his ancestry or heritage. If he comes from Scottish or Irish heritage, for example, there are many styles of wedding bands that feature Celtic knot work designs or a Claddagh. If he is of Italian ancestry, perhaps a ring set with small diamonds would be more appropriate. There are also African, Asian, Jewish, and Native American-inspired wedding bands available in men’s rings.

The choices for wedding bands for grooms are almost as vast as those for brides. Taking the time to pick them out together can be both fun and provide the opportunity for the bride and groom a chance to get to know more about each other’s tastes. It also gives them a chance to get a real feel for a lifetime ahead of working together.

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