Designer Prom Dresses That Are Worth Every Penny

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There is more to designer prom dresses than just the label and price tag that comes with it. Girls wouldn’t be flocking towards the designer option if it wasn’t worth their parent’s or their own hard earned money. Designer dresses offer more than the illusion of prestige. It is what it’s worth because of its quality, style, and make.

If you are leaning towards designer prom dresses for prom, we thought it might be a good idea to share with you some prom dress designers that are worth considering:

  1. Alyce Paris

Alyce Paris is just one of the best prom dress designers that offersthe most stunning prom dresses with some of the dresses in their collection being worn by international representatives in the US, UK, South America and the Middle East. It’s even won numerous awards including Chicago Designer of the Year, Manufacturer of the Year and a Desert Rose Award. Donning an Alyce Paris dress means you are going to turn more than just a few heads on prom night.

  1. Blush

The Blush prom dress collection proves that showing minimal amount of skin can still make you look stunning on prom night. The dresses speak for themselves and require little to no exposure of skin, except for the right places like the shoulders, a little bit of leg, and the back. A Blush prom dress guarantees that you’ll look sweet and fresh for your next event.


  1. Faviana

Fashion forward shoppers will enjoy browsing through Faviana’s prom dress collection with its stylish and edgy designs. Faviana is a renowned evening wear designer and is known for creating the most perfect dresses for different events. Some of the fashion inspirations followed by this designer line includes Kate Winslet, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria and Beyonce.

  1. Jovani

You can’t go wrong with award winning designer line Jovani. Its awards include National Prom Association Retailers Choice for Best Manufacturer Quality, Best Prom Fashion Design, and Diva Award for Design Excellence. So if you pick from Jovani’s collection, you are guaranteed a dress that has outstanding style and excellent quality.

  1. Mori Lee

Unique is what every girl wants to be on prom night. Mori Lee can help make that come true with their collection of fun, unique, and comfortable styles. Pick Mori Lee and be the Belle of the Ball in your one of a kind gown. This is the one of the nights you want to remember for the rest of your life. Make it unforgettable with a unique dress designed by none other than Mori Lee.

  1. Scala

Scala is known as one of the official sponsors for big pageants like Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA –and with good reason. All their designs are stunning and is guaranteed to draw attention to the wearer. Some celebrities seen donning this designer line include Vanna White and VivicaMitra. Be red-carpet ready for prom night and order a Scala dress at the Prom Dress Shop today. They are one of the online stores selling Scala dresses.

  1. Sheri Hill

Sherri Hill is one of the top choices for prom dresses for its trendy and edgy designs. There are even many celebrities spotted donning the iconic line. Celebrities like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Brooke Burke, and Bella Throne. It’s also a popular choice among Miss USA pageant contestants. The dresses are designed to enhance the female ship using upscale fabrics, textures, and unique shapes. Wear a Sherri Hill dress and feel confident on your prom night.

In Conclusion

We would have wanted to add more designers to the list but you don’t want to be overwhelmed with too many choices so we decided to keep it short. So have you decided which designer you will be donning for prom night? Let us know in the comments.