Discover these epic tattoo fails

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Getting a tattoo is one of those decisions in your life you need to be super careful about, because otherwise you may end up looking absolutely ridiculous. Finding the right tattoo artist is crucial, as is checking their previous work prior to actually scheduling an appointment.

You don’t think having someone super skilled ink your skin is that important? Well, the photos we’ve selected will prove you why we’re right more than you think!

Spider vibes


…or at least we think they are! Not that we’d understand why would anyone want a web tattooed on their skin, but hey – we’ve all got our reasons, right? Although – when things end up looking like they did in this picture – we’d definitely be crying about it (and NOT the happy tears!).

Animals and stuff


…is it a dog, a wolf, a tiger, a giraffe? God knows! While whoever wanted this tattoo done didn’t probably have this sort of image in mind, we’ll assume the tattoo was supposed to relate to strength, loyalty, fierceness or simple pet-nostalgia. Whatever it was, it ain’t looking good!

Love your mother

tatoos fast

…just please don’t ruin motherhood for her with a tattoo like this one! What in the world was this guy inking and why would anyone be proud of a tattoo like this! We are assuming the red thing around the “mom” inscription was supposed to be a heart but it looks more like a smudged kidney, honestly. Man, please never show this tattoo to your mother, the poor woman’s going to have a stroke!

Portraits and stuff

bad tatoo

Dude, we get it – you wanted to honor your sister, friend, lover, mother, whoever… but it turned out so bad! Luckily for people with this kind of ink on their body, experts in tattoo removal from this Sydney clinic claim that it is possible to get rid of horrible tattoos for good! If you like having tattoos too much and don’t feel like removing them, then you could just get another tattoo over it, because this is embarrassing. Just, this time around – pick a good tattoo artist!

Children and all that

tatoo badshah

…your kid’s adorable! That tattoo, though? Awful! Apparently, when you want your child tattooed on your skin, you get a demon-like drawing inked… well, if you don’t get it tattooed by people with credentials!

bad tatoos

Here’s yet another winner! Wouldn’t you be sad if your child actually looked like this? You would – not that you wouldn’t love your kid anyhow, but this tattoo is giving us the idea that this child was born disfigured, with weird teeth and semi-triangles for eyes. Not a good vibe, not a good vibe…

Living the life

bad tatooses

Apparently, whoever got this tattoo is definitely rocking the “living on the edge vibe” which is just double confirmed with this tattoo; sadly, there are plenty of tattoos with spelling errors out there. So, even if you do get a tattoo like this, at least you’re not alone… but it doesn’t mean you won’t come to reget it.


tatoo badshahs

We bet she doesn’t look like that in real life. We bet our lives on it. Oh, come on!

Well, do you know understand why doing a thorough research and checking out all the previous work your chosen tattoo artist’s done prior is crucial? We bet you do!