Dress Your Shape – Plus Size Clothing Guide

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Choosing the right clothes that will accentuate your best features and hide imperfections can be a rocky path, especially if you fall under the category of the so-called plus size. Luckily, many brands offer awide range of plus size clothing, so the real question is what’s the best for your body figure? First of all, you need to know what’s your body shape. Scientists agree on four most common body shapes with major or minor variations – diamond, rectangular, pear, and hourglass. Of course, there are tons of subtypes, but by following the tips listed below you’ll be able to determine what suits you best, regardless of how your body looks like.

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Shine bright like a diamond

Diamond body shape, also referred to as apple or oval shape, should be all about defining a waistline. You’ll know your diamond-shaped if your legs are rather slim, your chest is large, and most of your weight comes from your belly. Since top half of your body is bigger than the rest, you’ll want to create an illusion of the so-called hourglass figure and accentuate your waist. So naturally, belts are your best friends but also skater dresses, waist blazers with a single button, and skinny or boot cut jeans. You can elongate your body figure by showing off your neckline with bateau or V-neckline.

Spectacle rectangle

Rectangular-shaped girls usually have bust and hips of the same size and undefined waist, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t look spectacular. Instead of looking a little boxy, find the right clothes that will make you look curvier. If you’re rectangular you have the advantage of yourbody being proportional so feel free to opt for bold prints and volume-increasing details, such as ruffles, bows, and embellishments. Define your curvature with belts and pleated or pencil skirts. As of pants, wear straight or slightly flared ones and consider adding a pop of colour – pink, burgundy, yellow – it’s up to your preference.

As tasty as the pear

The most common body shape is called pear shape, or figure eight, or triangle shape. No matter what we call it, no doubt it’s a quite feminine body shape since it means wide hips, thick thighs, defined waist, and voluptuous cleavage. Dresses will look great on pears, so opt for well-made plus size dresses with open collars, V-necks, or sweetheart neckline to enhance your torso. Your favourite dress cut should be fit-and-flare since it’s roomier from the waist down so not only that you’ll look fabulous, but you’ll feel comfortable as well. Go for darker bottoms to keep the balance and wear A-line skirts or wide leg pants.

Curvy like an hourglass

Think of Christina Hendricks or Jessica Rabbit and you’ll know what an hourglass-shaped girl look like. Beautiful cleavage, defined waist, and round full bottom – those are the proportions to die for. Look even sexier and incorporate curve enhancing dresses and wrap or peplum tops in your wardrobe. Show off your best assets with pencil skirts and structured blazers. It’s a frame of a true goddess so embrace it and dress like one. Consider avoiding billowy tops and dress – it would be a shame to hide a figure like that in loose cuts.

Remember, those are the basic four body types but each body is unique and most of the women fall into some of the subtypes. The trick is in being aware of your best assets and imperfections and knowing what’s the best way to make the most out of your curvy body. Being plus-sized means only that there’s more of your gorgeous body, so don’t be afraid to show off.