Essential Accessories for your Bridal Style

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With all the things to arrange and prepare for your wedding day, you may forget about your bridal accessories, but we are here to remind you of just how important they are. Accessories help you personalize your look and express who you really are via your own bridal style. They are meaningful and might even be passed down to future generations.

A good rule of thumb to follow is this: you should shop for accessories after you have chosen your dress and decided on your general look.  It is ok to think hard and well in advance and try out as many options as you can. You should also aim for overall harmony in your look. Whatever you do, all the pieces need to match the dress and each other. Here are the essentials.

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There are thousands of styles out there, but when it comes to wedding shoes, you should look for something that will be comfortable enough to wear all day. Don’t forget that you will also be dancing, so keep that in mind when trying out different shoes. Alternatively, you might want to bring a pair of flats to rest your feet. Have your wedding shoes match your dress in colour and style, go for the more elegant end, but chose something you can wear later too. Ivory, white and silver or cream are all classical and you can’t really go wrong with those, whether they are heels, sandals, pumps or flats.


Hair accessories

These pieces attract the most attention apart from your dress, so choose wisely and try out many things. It all depends on the hairstyle you want. Headbands can be worn with your hair up or down, wrapped around with ribbons and decorated with pearls. Hair combs are practical and decorative, and they range from elaborate to modest, as do hair pins which are a good option if you wear prominent jewelry. A tiara will steal the show and a veil can make or break the entire look. If you opt for a veil, make sure you try it out with the complete outfit and not just add it at the last moment.



You don’t want to either over-accessorize or under-accessorize, but some jewelry is a must. If you’re going for one statement piece, like an elaborate pearl necklace, complement it with a couple more understated pieces. You can also balance the jewelry out equally for a harmonious look. You don’t want to smother the wedding ring by wearing other rings. Rather choose a matching elegant bracelet. Earrings are important, don’t be afraid to go bold with earrings, especially if wearing your hair down. Silver or gold will do, faithful replicas will do, just make sure not to mismatch metals with other accessories.


This piece is often forgotten, but it is your opportunity to add in lace, silk and satin and achieve natural elegance. Wrist length or elbow length gloves are good for dresses with sleeves, while sleeveless wedding gowns will go well with over-the-elbow length gloves. You can wear pearls, bracelets and rings over them.


Whether you are getting married in colder months or not, you will need a stylish cover-up to complete your bridal look. It is crucial that it is elegant and matching the dress. You have many options, from boleros, capes, fur stoles, to feather cover-ups, lace jackets, chiffon wraps or even classic cardigans and vintage fake fur jackets.

You wedding day is the day when you should be the best version of yourself, so pick your accessories accordingly: let them reflect your personality, your style and enhance your best features. It is important you feel comfortable and natural wearing them. Don’t count on them for all the sparkle, rather let them add to your natural shine!