Evening Bags to Wow the Crowds

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Evening bag, party bag, purse, clutch… whatever you want to call it, it’s an essential finishing touch to an outfit. Too many people treat it as an afterthought, only to realise how important it really is when it comes to finding one they are really happy with before they go out of the door.

Some of the best and most on-trend womens clutch bags out there right now, with the more than their fair share of wow factor, include:

Tasselled Metallic Clutch Bag

One of the most unique looking bags on the market offers a slice of retro-futurism. The metallic finish, deco notes, and tassels will be perfectly at home on a vintage-style outfit evoking the ’20s or ’30s. Equally, it will be the perfect complement to many outfits that embrace the current trend of dressing for a futuristic look.

Feline Bag With Rhinestoneshandbag

Studded with rhinestones aplenty, this bag is certainly eye-catching. Nonetheless, it manages to avoid being overstated thanks to a fairly simple design. For many – especially animal lovers and those who have to try that little bit harder to avoid becoming crazy cat-ladies – the real selling point is the feline shape. Like a cat, this bag seems especially good at striking balances. As well as being eye-catching yet not over-the-top, it is cutesy but not saccharine and funky without being gimmicky.

The Beaded Fringe Mini Bag

Where the metallic bag was retro-futuristic, this bag is a bit more pure retro. Arguably this makes it a little less versatile, though with a choice of five colours and a design that will happily go with a range of styles that’s up for debate. In short, it’s an attractive, glamorous, and just-a-bit-sparkly bag that you will find it hard to go wrong with.

Box Clutch With Pearl Embellishments

Here’s a bag for those who prefer showier outfits – or alternatively, those who prefer to offset a fairly understated outfit with a small yet prominent piece that is much more eye-catching. This isn’t a bag that everyone will want to wear, but it is one that everyone will probably admire. If this kind of elaborate and super-fancy bag is to your tastes, the gold, silver and white pearled design is definitely one of the best examples out there right now.

Fringed Metal mesh Bag

This bag gets a lot of credit for managing to do things a bit differently, and it does so in a good way. It’s strictly handheld rather than over-the-shoulder, which may put some people off. It’s also very different in shape from most evening bags, being much longer. This both makes it stand out from the crowd in terms of looks and makes it useful for those who want to cram a bit more in. There may be a lot of practical points here, but do not mistake it for a piece of boring, utilitarian apparel. The multicoloured, fringed design and metal mesh construction is a thing of beauty!

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