Find the Right Accessory for Your Bathing Suit

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Every outfit needs a couple of featuring items that make it complete. The same goes for beach wear, so a swimsuit is not the only thing you’ll need for the next beach or swimming pool getaway. Proper accessories will perfectly emphasize the gorgeous swimwear and make you look fabulous. If you can’t make up your mind which accessories to choose, we’re here to give you a hand.

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When you’re looking for a protection from the sun, a hat is the best solution. Not only will you be safe from the harmful UV rays, but you’ll look fashionable as well. However, in the sea of fabulous hats it’s not always easy to find the right one. Well, if your style is girly, chic and sensual you should opt for a wide brimmed sun hat. If, on the other hand, you’re more of an urban girl, a fashionable fedora hat would be a great choice. Always go for the ones with embellished brim, regardless of your style. Beige, white and white with navy stripes are the best choices of colours because they’ll go with every colour of the bathing suit.


Sunglasses have always been a mandatory part of summer outfits. Not only do they help us see clearly during a sunny day, but they also make the perfect accessory. The ones with dark frames would be the number one choice if your priority is sun protection. However, if you have a bathing suit with prints or in some radiant colour, you should opt for a pair of sunglasses that will complement the suit. Plastic Ray Ban’s in various colours would be the best stylish choice for you.

Sarongs and kaftans

A good cover-up is indispensable. When you feel like you could go and have a drink in the beach bar, you’ll probably like to cover up instead of sitting there only in a bathing suit. What’s more, instead of dressing up for the beach, you can only cover yourself up with a kaftan at home and hit the road. These look amazing when combined with flat sandals and some jewellery. Sarongs are another great idea, and they’ll look as good on a bikini as on a trendy one piece swimwear.


A bag is a favourite accessory for most women, so they’ll gladly invest in a trendy beach bag. You should do it as well, because aside from being a fashionable piece, a bag should also be functional and hold all the beach essentials for the hot day in the sun. All the lotions, towels, snacks, magazines, and other knick-knacks will be packed in this fabulous item.  It should be made of a durable and washable material, because the only way you’ll be able to get rid of the sand, chlorine, and even spilled lotions is to actually wash the bag in a washing machine.


Considering you’re going to the beach or a swimming pool, it’s not a good idea to look as if you’re about to hit the dance floor. Therefore, don’t overdo with the jewellery, especially if you’re wearing a one piece swimsuit. With bikinis, a body jewellery can look adorable and chic. A pair of bracelets would be just enough if you’re wearing a one piece.


With so many beautiful accessories, it’s difficult to choose one over the other. However, making the right choice is essential if you want to look gorgeous on the beach. Remember, with one-piece swimsuits less is always more, especially if the swimsuit itself already has some fashionable prints and embellishments. Two-piece swimwear can always be upgraded with a couple of fashionable pieces. Choose wisely, and look gorgeous on the beach.