Five iconic clothing items

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Women’s fashion has been changing frequently over the years, but there are some pieces of clothing that are carved into our brains as the most sophisticated attire. If you want to give away the professional and luxury look, you should refresh your closet with these five items.

Pencil skirts

These elegant skirts have made the list because of their flexibility and diversity of styles. You can wear pencil skirts on any occasion, whether you are going on a business meeting or dancing in the club. Their lengths, materials and colors are diverse and made to fit anybody. Additionally, you can wear them during all the four seasons, and look elegant through the whole year. If you are wearing these to work, opt for longer types that go bellow your knees, and you can choose a high waist style which is not too body hugging. And for starting the party, you can wear shorter styles of pencil skirts, with various patterns and materials, and stay as fabulous as ever.


Black turtle neck shirts

Black turtleneck shirts are one of the oldest fashion pieces that will always be trendy. Nothing can better emphasize and complement your figure than these shirts, and they are easily combined with any style you want to achieve. For casual events you can simply wear these with jeans and stylish black heels, and for more professional situations these are easily paired with pencil and other classy skirts. Turtlenecks look good on anyone, and can keep you warm and stylish.

White button down shirts

White shirts will stay iconic because of their simplicity. Like any other piece on this list, you can wear them anywhere and look your best, and you can combine them with many different pieces. You can look professional if you pair your white shirt with a black pencil skirt or work pants and dominate your office; or you can casually put on some jeans and your favorite white shirt and be ready for afternoon coffee with your friends. Additionally, white button down shirts have numerous designs and lengths, so you can choose long or short sleeved ones or some shirts with laces, pockets or subtle patterns. The choice is yours, but these will always make you look elegant.

Midi dress

A few years ago, this cute but stylish attire had made its way back to fashion, and it is more popular than ever. Women’s midi dresses are fairly easy to find, but it is not as easy to wear them. If you choose the wrong length, you could look frumpy, but if you choose wisely you will bring a WOW factor to your style. When choosing the right midi dress you have to choose according to your proportions, because those are key elements of looking gorgeous in a midi dress. You can choose long or short sleeved dresses, V-neck or boat neck styles, bree off shoulder ones or simple and classic styles of midi dresses. The most elegant dresses to wear are black or gray ones, but depending on the event, you can wear patterned, stripped and colorful midi dresses.


Little black dress

If you want to look chic, sexy and elegant, the little black dress is the right choice for you. These all-time fashion pieces are easy to wear, they look good on anyone and they are perfect for both casual and business parties. If you want to stun everyone in the room, you should wear a simple boat neck black dress that complements your whole figure, and everyone will be mesmerized. Also, little black dresses are perfectly cut out for work wear, just make sure not to reveal too much cleavage or knees.

Looking sophisticated and elegant has never been easier, especially when you have some of these five iconic clothing items. Be the best looking lady wherever you go, and take the breaths away when entering the room.