Guide on How to Select and Use Beads

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We may think that using beads are just easy. Indeed, it is, at some point. But, before we begin to get addicted to using beads, it is still best to know the basic guide on how to select and use them. Glass beads can be the best choice to make jewelries, craft items, and embellish just anything. They come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and designs, which will surely match any of our projects.

Buying Rules

We should buy in large quantities so that we can save time and money. If we already have a large stock of beads, then our work will not be delayed. Plus, we can save because wholesale can bring more discounts.

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There are many shapes, colors, and designs available. So, pay attention of the kind of beads that we want to buy, especially if we already have some in our collection. We need to match up everything.

Beads can be costly, especially if the pieces are in season. We can buy them at the end of the season and we can save them and use them the following year. Also, get updated of the best sales and deals. Do not miss the ideal price.

Usage Rules

We can buy a bead organizer so that it will be easier for us to find them in case needed. We can separate them according to color, materials, size, or center hole size. We should also organize the tool we are using so that we can start beading quickly.

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We should make our crafting work place well-lighted. We can invest in a great source of light, such as a desk lamp.

We can place a cotton material in our table so that the beads will not slide off when poured, compared to when we pour them in a slick surface.

We should plan ahead. We should know the order of the beads before we string them to the wire to avoid unnecessary changes.