How To Dress In Classy Equestrian Clothing

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You have to follow specific clothing directions when preparing for a riding lesson. However, it does not mean that you cannot still maintain a classy fashion sense while being practical. Here are a few tips on how to dress classy even when wearing functional equestrian clothing.

Pick the right fit of jodhpurs – Jodhpurs or riding breeches are the best riding pants options when choosing for practicality. However, you can choose particular materials to keep up with the fashion element of your attire. You can pick from a wide variety of materials but void tough material such as jeans because it will give you sores due to the constant friction during riding.


The perfect riding boots-  your equestrian look will not be complete without the perfect set of boots to outfit your riding wear. Choose from branded options to avoid any unpleasant accidents during your riding lessons. The brands such as Mark Todd  have uncompromising quality check standards, which ensure that the boots are a perfect fit, perfectly safe and a perfect addition to your equestrian fashion collection. These riding boots also make gorgeous additions to your regular fashion wear. You can choose from a variety of leather chaps. You can also look for leather, synthetic or waterproof materials boots. Check whether you prefer tall boots, short boots, or half chaps for your best look.

Jackets- equestrian themed jackets are fashionable even beyond the riding range. You should always choose from a high-end brand to make sure that even if you have just one equestrian jacket it serves you well for a long time. The brands such as Toggi Clothing have a wide range of jackets in various cuts such as blouson, long sleeved or close fit. You can also choose from fleece, leather, or suede materials depending on your budget and fashion preference.