How to Look Like a Princess for Prom Night

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Prom night is kind of a big deal and everyone has their reasons for it. Some people see it as one last blast before you say goodbye to your high school years (assuming it’s senior prom if we’re talking about here). Some, on the contrary, are excited to begin their new lives as freshmen and prom represents some sort of initiation in the student life.

A reason to party, a reason to drink, a reason to slow dance with your lover, a reason to gather with friends, a reason to dance… Reasons over reasons lead to the same conclusion voiced earlier – prom night is a really big deal.

We don’t deny the significance it carries for boys, of course, but girls look forward to the big night much more anxiously and excitedly. After all, they need to conduct a lot of research and shopping sessions. Some wish to be hot, some wish to steal the spotlight, some wish to keep it simple, and some want to opt for the style that is best fit for a prom night: princess.

From the gown to the hair, the make-up, the handbag, the shoes, and other accessories, here are the ways through which you can achieve a believable and classy princess look.


A Disney-Like Gown

It’s, of course, expected for the gown to be the one meant to steal the spotlight. Even though there are certainly ways you could make a mini work and shift it into a piece of royal clothing, your safest bet lies with long and flowing dresses.

There is a reason why ball gowns and princess dresses are called the way they are. If their name explicitly states how fit they are for an occasion of sorts then you will make no mistake by choosing to go with one of them. Lace, satin, and veil gowns are epitomes of elegance and delicacy. Moreover, a princess-like vibe can be easily oozed with pastel and soft colors, especially light blues and pink hues.

Check out an adorable veil pink ball gown here.

Shoes More Comfortable Than the Glass Slippers

A huge advantage brought about by the length of a ball gown is the fact that your feet are essentially covered, which is why you absolutely don’t need to go over the top by trying to flaunt exquisite looking footwear. This especially applies if you wish to go with high heels.

If you want the high heels for a boost of height, you can ditch your stilettos for a pair of corset heels, wedges, platforms, or any type of height-elevating shoes that make you feel most comfortable. If what matters most to you is the comfort factor, then don’t shy away from a pair of classic ballerina flats.

Check out these cute pastel, ribbon ballerina flats here.


Little Sparkly Pearls

Size and extravagance isn’t something that you want in your accessories when trying to go for a princess-like look. Traditionally, a thin-chained necklace with a small gem for a pendant and subtle clip-in earrings do the deed just right, but if you really want to impose the appearance of royalty then look no further than pearls to do so.

They can be worn single-pieced as bracelets, necklaces, rings, or earrings. Alternatively, you can also opt for a set that will spare you the worrying over matching accessories and that will balance your outfit out from different areas.

Check out these elegant pearl sets here.

Updos, Curls, and Flowers

When seeking inspiration for your prom night princess style, it’s best that you turn your head in the direction of the Disney princesses. If there is one thing that ties them all together is the fact that their hairstyles follow a pretty simple set of rules – it’s either long, luscious, and flowing, either caught up in an exquisite updo.

Buns have always been a staple of class and, luckily, the development of hairstyling opened the door for new bold and cute combinations. Play with braids, curls, or even different hair colors. For an extra effect, keep in mind that, when princesses are involved, the aura around them needs to be rich in sparkles and dazzles. Thus, insert some crystal hair clips into your updo and even dare to top it all with a flower crown.

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