How To Wear Hijab For Wedding

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Wedding season is going on and many girls this year would start their new life with their partners. Many are still wondering that what kind of dress she should wear so that she will look pretty. Many girls would be the either bride’s sister or friend and obviously they want to look good and out of the crowd in the wedding.

The wedding ceremony offers space for various types and patterns of hijabs. Muslim wedding usually been organized in masjid and so wearing a proper dress is very important. There are many women who wear abaya in their wedding and the reason is that abaya covers the whole body properly.

If you want you can try wearing abaya with different styles in your wedding and they will surely make you look like a bride. There are so many combinations that you can try in order to look like a bride. After the wedding which is known as nikah in muslims there is the ceremony as reception, in which you can try wearing something Indian. You can try HFH wedding headpieces and pin along with your headscarf for a rich bridal look.

Weddings usually are the occasion that begins 1 week before the actual wedding. Bridal supper is the last meal which completes the day and so many brides wants to have different outfit for this occasion.


Here are some ideas that you can choose in order to look beautiful and charming on the day of wedding.

  1. You can try soft pink dress that will enhance your beauty and fairy skins make sure that the fabric of the dress has some shine and pearlescent look. This would be the perfect out for you when you are getting ready for the wedding.
  2. If you are trying Indian dress then you can try hijab with contrast color. A hijab with some shine and some patterns would make your day
  3. You can even try a Pakistani outfit along with golden color hijab. A Turkish hijab would also make you shine in the wedding party.
  4. You can try a textured fabric long gown along with the hijab of same color. You must try out some frills and along with this outfit.

There are many other ideas as well which one can try in order to look beautiful and stunning in your wedding. Just try out the ideas that we gave you and you will surely blow others mind.