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Active wears are basically worn by the people who are quite particular about their fitness. In general active wears are purchased for performing different fitness activities like yoga, cardio activities etc. but many people use the same for wearing in their day to day life. Thus, they are becoming quite popular in the market.

If you are having a boutique or a garment shop then you must purchase activewear in bulk for selling and earning huge profits. You can purchase them in bulk from various online stores and that too at minimal cost. The best part of purchasing the stock from online stores is that you are able to grab latest designs and trends.

Types of women active wears

There are various types of women active wears available in the market, thus if you are stepping forward to purchase the active wears for your boutique you must know about a variety of them. If you are not known to latest style and design, you can visit www.WholesaleFitters.com for cracking your purchases. Below listed are few of the main active wears that are used by almost every woman now days –


  • Active shorts – they are light in weight and sleek, hence are best for being used during the workout in summer. There are different shorts available in the market for performing different activities such as yoga shorts which do not slide or slip while you opt for different yoga poses; on the contrary running shorts are best for performing different cardio activities as it allows free movement.
  • Active pants – just like active shorts, these pants are also available in accordance with the different types of sport or workout styles. For example, the yoga pants are quite tight or of perfect fitting, so that they do not slip when you make different yoga postures. These are best for the workout in winters as they keep you warm. In addition to the full length pants, you can also opt for cropped active wears such as yoga Capri etc. They are up to knee length. They are considered perfect for fast cardio workouts.
  • Active tops – these tops are just like the regular tee-shirts but they come with few of the additional feature such as wicking fabric which helps to keep you dry, cool and comfortable, or added support for chest. These t-shirts are also available in flexible fabric which hugs or sticks to your body. These tops are available in different styles like crew neck tops, v-neck, long or short sleeved tops, in various graphic prints and colors. Thus, you can purchase the one with trendy and fashionable look.
  • Sports bra – one must have supportive and comfortable undergarments for regular exercises. Sports bra offers the best during the high impact workouts, as they are made from the fabric called poly-cotton. You will find thicker straps in these bras and in addition to this you will also not have to hind hook or under wire and hence they offer proper and comfortable fitting.

In addition to the active wears listed above there are various other active wears that you can purchase such as sun-guards, cover-ups, athletic shoes etc.