Know Pearls As They Make Fashion Statement

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Pearl is called “the queen of gems” and when you look at its lustre, shape and uniqueness. You will understand how majestic these tiny beads are actually. Before we discuss anything more about pearls, let us have a look at how they are formed.

How Pearls form?

Birth process of a pearl is a miracle of Nature. Like other gemstones pearl can’t be obtaining from mining the earth. Pearl grows inside living molluscs that can be found far below from sea surface. When sandstone or any foreign object somehow enters a mollusc shell, it irritates the organism terribly. To get relief from this irritation, the oyster takes some defensive measurements. It begins to secrete a creamy substance called “nacre” around the foreign particle.

As long as the foreign substance keeps irritating the oyster, it will secrete “nacre” around it, layer upon layer. The “nacre” is basically the microscopic crystals of Calcium Carbonate arranged in a unique pattern that reflects light to give a rainbow effect. For cultured pearls, a foreign substance is intentionally implanted inside the living shell of mollusc to get the pearl.

Pearl as fashion statement:

Long before the history of mankind was written, humans were familiarwith pearls. Probably they got their hands on pearls while searching seabed for food. Thanks to its warm glow and glittering look, pearl won the hearts of men and women instantly. Soon pearl made its way to jewellery sector. Because of their delicate natural glow and smooth finish, pearls became an essential component to manufacture women jewellery. Today it may be hard for you to own one of those fashion items, but you can check the latest fashion jewelleries here and certainly will find something exclusive for yourself.