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List of Top Four Longest Lasting Scent for Men’s Cologne

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When shopping for cologne one of the selling points for both men’s and women’s is the aroma of long lasting cologne. The longer it lasts the more cologne a person is getting for their purchasing dollars.

What helps?

There are also many ways to make it last longer depending on:

  • Weather
  • Skin type
  • Type of cologne

But there are some well know colognes reviewed that have been around for years. Below is a list of the men’s colognes that have withstood the test of time.


  • Joop Pour

Reviews from show most women will recommend this cologne for the men they love. It smells good with amanly and fresh aroma and has a reputation for being long lasting. So it is a good value for the money one will pay. Women claim that just walking by a man they can tell exactly when he is wearing this brand of cologne.


  • Angel for Men

Angel for women is currently one of the hottest colognes on the market so it stands to reason that Angel for Men is also very popular. The eBay and Amazon reviews mentionthat Angel for Menis the best for casual wear and is a real pleaser with women because of its malty chocolate aroma. Also Angel lasts for a long time and the longer on the skin Angel tones down but doesn’t die out instead becoming more of an aroma of warm vanilla musk. For the successful business man this aroma can be used all day every day.2



This is cologne reviews will with has reviews rating Angel for women being as hot as its packaging and specially designed bottle. Made by Christian Dior this is one of the most sensual and manly scents of expensive cologne. The base note from which it gets it scent is leather – classic aroma of men. This leather aroma makes this cologne one of the longest lasting as well as having the aroma that is classic male. The top notes are of:

  • Sicilian mandarin
  • Violet

Add this to leather and it doesn’t smell much better than this cologne.


Basenotes reviews plus every man that knows cologne say that this is one of the best colognes for men on the market. This has a woody Chypre aroma. The top notes include:

  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Oak
  • And moss

This woody smell together with the notes of fruit makes for a manly organic aroma that lasts throughout the entire day.

So for long lasting these colognes seem to be the top four by those who review and know men’s cologne.