Meaningful Fashion – Going Beyond Simply Beautiful

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Sometimes clothes and jewellery are just items that we use to adorn ourselves – but sometimes they mean a lot more. Perhaps you have that pair of shoes that you wore on your first date with the man who is now your husband, or that band t-shirt from that amazing concert. Maybe you have a bracelet that was given to you aby someone special, or a necklace that symbolizes a friendship.


Our clothing and accessories are full of memory and meaning and we don’t always wear them purely for aesthetic reasons, we choose them for the way they make us feel and what they mean to us.

We Wear Clothes and Accessories for Emotional Reasons

We don’t always wear clothing simply because it looks good – there are a lot of emotional reasons why we choose to wear what we wear. Perhaps it makes us feel confident, or it helps us to project a certain image. Or, perhaps our clothing helps us show the world that we belong to a particular group – like wearing a geeky t-shirt to show that we are Star Wars geeks or Game of Thrones fans. We also might wear the clothing of someone else in order to feel close to them, like a woman wearing her boyfriend’s sweater.

This is why it can be so difficult for people to clean out their closets and get rid of excess clothing and accessories. If we didn’t attach sentiment to anything we wear it would be easy. If something doesn’t fit or doesn’t get worn, it is thrown away. However, as we go through our closets we remember the emotional story behind each item. We remember why we wore those items, how they made us feel, what memories they are associated with. This is just the beginning of the emotional reasons why we wear the things we do.

Jewellery is Especially Rich With Sentimental Worth

Although any item of clothing or accessory can be imbued with sentimental worth, it is jewellery that is most likely to be. Jewellery is small and precious and it is often given as gifts, so it often has a lot of emotional attachment. Whether it is a bracelet or a necklace, there is probably an emotion reason why you wear a certain piece of jewellery.

When jewellery has a lot of emotional significance it cannot be replaced. If you lose your wedding ring or the necklace that was passed down from your mother is stolen, it’s not just the piece of jewellery you have lost. The jewellery itself is a symbolic representation of something very important to you.

Charm Bracelets are Filled with Meaning

When it comes to jewellery styles that carry with them a lot of meaning and significance, the charm bracelet is one of the most symbolic. These styles of bracelets can be worn with several different charms on them and each charm can represent something – whether a hobby, an important person, a special memory or a significant place.


Many people who own charm bracelets build up their collection of charms over the years, adding them one after another to represent meaningful moments in their lives. A charm bracelet then becomes a one of a kind statement piece that reflects someone’s unique personality. There are many different types of charms available, such as those from ChloBo Charm Bracelets and if you want to make a personal statement with your jewellery you can choose the charms that are meaningful to you.

There are other types of jewellery that can be very meaningful as well. For example, there are types of Boho jewellery with gemstones and birthstones that can have personal meaning to you. Also, you can wear necklaces, rings, bracelets and other jewellery with initials engraved into it. Many jewellery designers will create custom pieces that are one of a kind and have personal meaning for the wearer.

Whether it is clothes, accessories or jewellery, our personal items have a lot more meaning to us than simple aesthetics. We choose to wear what we wear because it reflects our personality and it is a way of expressing ourselves. So next time you go in your jewellery box or your closet to choose something to wear, think about what it means and the significance it has to who you are and what is important to you.