Services of maple syrup direct

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All the products obtained at maple syrup direct are superior in taste and flavour. All grades of maple syrup are available at maple syrup direct. Grading of the maple syrup clearly explains the intensity of its taste. There are mainly three grades of the maple syrup with their marvellous flavours. These all are so fascinating that you will have a great pleasure to taste them. Three grades of maple syrup are produced by maple syrup direct. Grade A is mild and smooth, it has light taste. It is delicate of all the maple syrup grades. This flavour is ideal for maple creams and maple candies. Grade B is somewhat thick in consistency. It has strong and deeper flavour.


The colour is almost like brown sugar. You can try it in coffee or as an unconventional pairing for cheese. This versatile grade is great for cooking and baking also. Grade B flavour is much more rich and complex than that of grade A. And now comes the grade C. This grade is most robust and maple packed of all the grades. This syrup is tapped lastly in the maple season. It has such a strong flavour that is used by the factories and candy producers to make the maple candies.

Various recipes are designed using this grade only. It is the matter of a personal tastes that which one you like the most. Maple syrup direct offers you the best quality and pure taste in all the grades. You can try any of them by checking the products online and the price tags are there. You can order your favourite grades of maple syrup at good deals. Whatever we get from the maple tree, it is only processed to make the syrup, and packed to give you the fresh and 100% pure taste.