Socks – Looking Good and Feeling Fine!

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Socks are the last thing we tend to think of until we are faced with putting on that fancy new outfit, and find a hole in the pair we are supposed to wear with it.  We can spend hours and hours looking for the perfect scarf, shawl or hand bag, but we always forget about the holey socks!

A lot of thought goes into creating the perfect sock for the wearer, and it all begins with the material used in the manufacturing process.  Little do we think about the quality of the fabric we wear, as long as it feels right on our skin, or it matches the color of our outfit. Interestingly though the creators of sock wear do place a significant amount of importance on the yarns used.socks

We tend to think a pair of socks will last for an eternity, and for this to happen we should take a closer look at where and with what our next pair of fine cotton socks is made.  Companies like Bonne Maison, who create snazzy made in France socks, source their yarns from the cotton plantations of Egypt.  There is perfect rhyme behind the reasoning for doing this – the cotton is handpicked and of the highest quality.

Adding kneelength socks to your style can be an exciting way to spice up your outfits! Not only do knee length socks keep your feet warm and dry they are also worn for style and steam – adding pizazz to your outfit. Knee length socks will certainly bring alive any outfit you wish to wear!

Whether you wish to buy a knee length pair of socks like the iconic Pippi Long stocking or a pair of premium cotton socks, then you should definitely take a look at the exciting range offered by Bonne Maison, France.

They offer a fine selection of knee high socks that adorn interesting patterns, bold colors or complimentary designs, which suit the latest fashion trends walking the cat walks today.  They have taken care to choose the best yarns to keep your feet warm and sweat free (yes our feet do sweat!). Bonne Maison produce some of the best premium socks on the market today.

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