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Taking a Fashion Course to Boost your Career

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From PR to photography and merchandising to design, no matter which fashion industry area you want to specialize in, a degree in fashion could be your key to an arrange of great career options. But beware because the fashion industry is competitive and past-paced. Thus, you need to ensure you take advantage of all opportunities that come your way while taking a fashion training or course including retail experience, fashion internship and networking so you can boost your employability in the future. To have an idea of how taking a fashion course can help you with your career, read on.

Fashion Design

A lot of people who study fashion aim to pursue a fashion design career.  As a fashion designer, you are expected to design and produce your own products and garments. This area is reserved for those who graduated the course in reputable fashion universities and schools.

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Fashion design careers tend to be diverse. You could be working in a team to create a high designer or street fashion line, as an assistant/designer within a small or big fashion house or as a pattern designer in a textile company. This career is most satisfying if the fashion design graduate is creative, inspired by fashion or has a passion to draw and create things.

Fashion Merchandising and Buying

Fashion buying and fashion merchandising are careers that depend upon knowing the upcoming trends in the fashion world before they reach the high street. If you plan to pursue a fashion buying career, you will be sourcing and buying on-trend products which will appeal the clients and consumers of your company. Meanwhile, fashion merchandising is slightly more business-oriented. You will be calculating the amount of money customers spend and ensuring the right products are in the right stores at the right time.

Fashion merchandising and fashion buying are major job roles in the retail industry. Organizations who will hire people who graduated in these courses include department stores, online retailers, retail chain stores and smaller independent shops and boutique. Thus, if you have an eye for what tends to sell and keen to project the recent trends, these careers can be best for you.

Fashion Marketing and PR

Trends in the fashion industry come and go quickly challenging the fashion marketing and public relations departments when it comes to spreading the word on the latest style-setters and styles. Fashion marketing is taught as a different specialization in a lot of fashion universities and schools. Fashion marketing involves making advertising campaigns and techniques for selling the products of your company to individual consumers and clients. Your job involves analyzing new trends and identifying a product’s marketability. Fashion marketing and public relations officers need to have strong communication skills, solid knowledge of consumer habits and an eye for detail.

Fashion Production and Management

Usually, fashion production is thought of as the fashion industry’s front line and much expertise and attention is needed to guarantee consistency and quality in the product. After you gain experience in this area, you will be faced with management career opportunities which let you work your way up to the production line until you will be able to create your own team.