The 2016 HUF Snapback Range

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You would not think that you could do much with the design of a simple cap, but streetwear designers consistently prove us wrong. Every year they come up with subtle changes that give this iconic piece of streetwear clothing a new look and feel.

HUF designers seem to be particularly adept at doing this. When it comes to snapback design, they are frequently ahead of the curve. You can see this clearly in their 2016 range.



During 2015, muted colours were definitely in, with black and white being the biggest sellers. In 2016, HUF has broken the mould by including some hot new colours in their collection. A great example of this is the triple triangle snapback, which is available in smoked pink. For 2016, pastel pinks and blues are going to be very popular colour tones, so it is good to see HUF including them in their range.


Once again, HUF has included Trucker caps in their snapbacks range. As temperature across the world continue to rise people increasingly need stylish clothing that protects them from the sun, but also allows them to stay cool. The Spam Trucker snapback caps produced by HUF do this well.

snap-well (1)

The back half of the hat is made from a mesh material, which allows air to circulate freely around the head. Whereas, the front of the hat features a broad brim that effectively shades the face, and reduces the wearer’s exposure to the sun.

These are just two examples of how HUF has reworked the classic snapback to suit the changing tastes of consumers. You can easily find the perfect HUF snapback @ 5pointz. They stock most of the current range and constantly update their stock with all of the latest snapback styles, and they sell them all at a competitive price.