The Impact of Sports Fashion and Following the Current Trend

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Fashion has definitely become one of the most important aspect of our day to day life and we can never undermine its importance overall. It needs to be understood that fashion in sports has been getting growing attention not only in small sports event but on big ones like that of the Olympics. It needs to be understood that Olympics is the largest sports platforms when it comes to assessing sports fashion and to know how it has evolved over the course of several Olympics events. It is through this splendid sports event that sports fashions spread all across the world through the sports loving fans.

Let us get to know the history of sports fashion and how it has shaped in the last few decades,

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As far as sports fashion is concerned, Tennis is one of the most popular one that contributes to the growth of the fashion aspect along with swimming and lawn tennis. When Charlotte Cooper won the Olympic singles and doubles, she wore white uniform that fully covered her. Then came Steffi Graf who introduced tennis skirts which became a huge rage amongst teenagers as well as adults. She set a new trend in sports fashion. The Williams sisters are also known for their huge contribution to the world of sports fashion along with a line of medal that they won.


Though the outcome and change of fashion in athletics is very few, it has definitely made a huge mark with Usain Bolt choosing over multicolored uniform that marked as a display of his strength and talent. In 1988, Ben Johnson came up with the red uniform which again became quite a huge rage.


Swimming is one of the most popular games that is known to have a huge impact in the world of sports fashion. It was included in Olympics in the year 1912 and since then it has been making waves with its fantastic fashion outcomes that are the contribution of iconic players like Michael Phelps, Janet Evans and many others.

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Women team was introduced only at a later stage as part of the Olympic events. It has now definitely contributed great to the aspect of gender sports fashion.


Wrestling has always been making huge news when it comes to introducing fashion. MijaínLópez and players like ArmenNazaryan changed their uniforms from black to red to show their talent and strength.

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