Timeless Fashion Trends

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Fashion trends come and go, it’s a fact of life. But just like there are some home design trends that will never go away, it’s the same with fashion. Some of these trends have been present for many years, and all chances are that they aren’t going away any time soon. Check out what they are, and if you haven’t yet worn them, give them a try, because they are truly classic.

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The first trend in our list that seems as it is never going out of fashion is one of simplicity and pure style. It’s the classic white T-shirt. You can’t really make a mistake by choosing this outfit. It works great with a lot of combinations, and probably the coolest one is just wearing a button up over it. A really simple look that gives you that effortless and charming style.

Slacks, as well as trousers, are designed in such a way that they can be worn with almost anything, because of the variety of their designs. Basically, any style suits them. You can wear both heels with trousers and slacks, and you can wear flat shoes. It just really depends on what you’re aiming at and what you currently feel like wearing. They can be worn in both a casual and formal style, accented with a fashionable belt or with some button suspenders by JJ Suspenders. They are a really timeless piece of clothing and chances are they won’t be going out of style soon.

Turtlenecks are awesome. Some people don’t really like them, but the fact is that they are timeless and classy. The simple fact that they have been worn since the 15thcentury tells you everything you need to know about turtlenecks. Although not that popular, you won’t see them go out of fashion soon. They are very handy during winter because they keep your neck warm, and if you like them, they certainly are a classy and fashionable outfit.

Another timeless and ever-present piece of clothing is the collar shirt. Just like the turtleneck, it’s been worn for centuries. There are many varieties of collar shirts, and depending on your personal style, you can really give yourself the freedom to choose what kind you want to wear. They are more popular in men than women, but women like them a lot too.

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The last entry in our list is probably the most popular and timeless piece of clothing there is. Can you guess what it is? It’s the extremely popular pair of clothing simply known as jeans. They have been a fashion favorite for a long time, and they won’t be going out of fashion any time soon. The jeans were created in 1873, and they have been worn since. They really caught on during the mid 20th century, and the designs of jeans became very varied. During the years, jeans have evolved and they are not losing popularity. All chances are that jeans will last as long as people are wearing pants.