Tips & Tricks to Choose a Perfect Maternity Evening Dresses

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1. Wear suitable maternity undergarments

Any outfit can be ruined by the wrong underwear. This is why it is so important to wear right undergarments all the time especially when you are in a delicate position. Moreover, proper underwear can provide you with the right support and add some curves that you might need. In case you are in the first trimester of your pregnancy period, then there should be no worries, because you can actually fit into your regular undergarments. Once you find yourself expanding day by day look for a good quality stretchy maternity underwear that suits you best. It comes with low (under the belly) and high (fit over the belly) cut and do not forget to get a new bra for your plus two sized breast.

2. Typesoffabrics

There is no secret that fabric plays the most crucial role in the way a piece of clothes will not only feel like but look and how well it will fit. Same thing goes with dresses for pregnant women but even more important because there are two main features that the fabric should have: light and stretchy. Stretchy for cotton, vinyl, velvet, lycra and spandex, but light is mostly about satin, chiffon and silk. There is no right or wrong choice here, everything depends on your preferences and usually time of the year. Satin and chiffon are better for summer parties, lycra and spandex for late spring and all the other types can be universal. The only thing after choosing a qualitative fabric is what do you feel comfortable at?


3. Flaunt your new cleavage

As you know, during pregnancy the most prominent part of a woman’s body is her breast, so do not be ashamed to show your cleavage with elegant V-neck evening dress, strapless or sweetheart necklines because exactly these types of them will draw attention to the most important part of you.

4. Play down your busts area

In case you are shy or just do not like showing off and loud looks you have lots of options with bateau or off-the-shoulder neckline where the main emphasis will be put on the shoulders and collarbones instead.

5. Cover up your arms

Unfortunately, when you gain some extra weight in pregnancy your arms (though you might not admit it) get bigger too. This is why professional designers advise to cover up the upper parts of your arms. In case you do not want to cover up the arms completely there are perfect options like sheer or lacesleeves which add extra elegance to any evening dress. Both of these materials come in stretchy options meaning that they will not constrain your movements. For example, there are perfect options with lace and sheer on the market today, all you need to do is to check Isabella Oliver clothes or any other famous maternity dresses designer to look what they have to offer for you. One more great advantage of covered arms is that in the evening you will not feel cold during the spring/fall/winter periods. Moreover, sleeves come in different length on most maternity evening dresses, namely full length, ¾ and half length sleeves.