Top Knitwear Styles for 2016

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Wearing a sweater your nana knits you for Christmas has long stopped being a fashion faux pas. Knitwear has legitimately made its way into the world of hautecoutureas we see top clothing designer houses like Michael Kors and Valentinoincorporatinginnovative knitted pieces into their main collections.

This year, the accent is on bold hues and patterns, baggy tops and fringe-fitted items. We’ve decided to make an overview of knitwear trends for this year and help you upgrade your existing knitwear collection and provide directions for your next shopping spree.

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Simple and bold

Fashion industry has decided not to part with the Mondrianesque colour-blocking design and kept it as in inspiration for major knitwear pieces this year. The colour palette is narrowed down to black and white, with occasional pop of colour mixed with one of these two tints.

For instance, an elegant off-the-shoulder sweater with elbow sleevesis a way to make a statement this season. A pitch black tightly-woven piece with intricate black and white mid-way horizontal design and alternation of dominant colour is the perfect example how to ace this trend. Pair it with an A-line skirt and knee-high dark boots and you’re ready for work or lunch with your friends.

When accessories are concerned, a black-and-white-transition loopy love shawl canserve as a splendid fashionable and practical addition forboth darkand light-tinted coats during the frosty season.

Rule of pastels

We simply cannot ignore Pantone’s colour favourites of the year, and Serenity and Rose Quartz are the picks for 2016. The accent is placed on details this time. Editorial director of Vogue knitting Trisha Malcolm recommends we incorporate these hues in form of accessories and have something trendy on us every day without restructuring the entire closet.

A baby blue round loom bend-over hat with a rosy rabbit-tail like pom-pom nicely merges the popular colours and provides a warm cover for the head during nipping cold periods. Similarly, a wavy rib cowl solitude scarf would go great with cute pastel ensembles.

Apart from accessories, you can don somesoft rose rib belted tunic or a raglan knit cardigan in serenity shade for a lazy day at the park with the youngsters.

Cloche and cosy

Even men are rejoicing the comeback of oversized womens knitwear since their girlfriends and wivescan finally stop “borrowing” their sweaters. Cosy factor is the most important elementof this idea, and the colour restrictions are virtually non-existent. Loose fit gives you plenty of manoeuvring space, and it doesn’t require you to have a perfectly flat stomach or to wear a bra (for thick variants). Vive la liberté!

Ladies can finally purchase fuzzy large sweaters to snuggle in on a windy day. The best thing is, these can also be worn in more formal situations, which makes them decidedly chic and versatile. Anything from simple monochrome mesh pullovers, over gentle bamboo strip long-sleeved sweaters to hot pink Deerfield V-necks can do the trick for milder and harsher weather conditions alike.

Fringe binge

The fringe detailing on a variety of knitted clothing items add extra fun to a dressing up routine, and many of us are embracing it wholeheartedly. This trend gives you the opportunity to make use of your beginners knitting skills and embark on a simple DIY project. Upgrade your old shawls or sweaters with a fringe work in accent or opposite colour, and secure a few trendy items of this sort for the season.

Alternatively, if you’re not too skillful with hooks, you can pick from a vast array of clothing items with a fringe in the current collections such as cardigans, vests or ponchos.

There’s something invariably comforting in wearing knitted pieces and we’re glad they’ve come back in style. The trends for this year allow you to add a touch of sophistication or fun to your outfit, depending on your mood or situation.