Want That Texas Cowboy Look? 5 Must Wear Items

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An elegant look is something that any man in the proud Texas State wishes to have. This elegant look makes a man proud, sets his ego and manhood straight and puts a good looking smile on his face. But it takes effort and craft to have an elegant look. Here are top 5 “must haves” for any Texan man that want to achieve the classic Texas Cowboy look.2

  1. The Hat is the most distinguishable item on a cowboy’s outfit. The material and the style/shape of the hat will tell you whether a person is a real cowboy or not. There are mainly two types of cowboy hats-the straw and the felt hats (usually more expensive). To be on the safe side choose a straw hat during summer as they perform well in the hot temperatures.

While the felt hats are good, they can be a challenge during summer. Choose wisely as the more comfortable you are, the better you will look, ultimately achieving the look you desire.2

  1. Cowboy Boots: If do not want to look funny and old fashioned, avoid the sharp-pointed boots and lace up boots. Remember, confidence is very important when you are looking for an elegant look. Wearing the right pair of cowboy boots will boost your confidence. Having this in mind, what do you need to wear for this purpose? A flat-heeled roper boot and a round or a square to end will give you the glamorous look you are looking for .The prices for these boots range from $ 130 to around $ 500 and more. If you want to look classy, grab your leather boots that match the color of your hat.2
  1. Jeans-Sharp and authentic is what defines a good pair of jeans. If you want to play the part you need to avoid the sagging and tight jeans. Nowadays there are brands that come with a fitting pair of jeans. Try wrangler-a western signature brand; this particular brand gives you a wide selection to choose from. When choosing the jeans to wear, height is an important factor to consider. Add a few inches to your normal size jeans so that they cover your boots when you are seated-This will ensure that you are confident of your cowboy look.
  1. The cowboy shirt: Yes there are specific brands to be worn by cowboys. On this one I recommend the classic button down shirt. This will give you an elegant look. If you are for starching your jeans, also starch the shirt nicely, tightened with a good belt. And so we arrive at The Belt – This is an item you need not forget.
  1. The Texas Style Belt: If you don’t want to look funny, and instead of people smiling from your elegant look they smile because you don’t look the part; wear your belt proudly. What do I recommend? For dudes a 3-trophy buckled leather belt without any initials on it is good. It is not good to pull a lot of attention to the belt area for a man like his female counterparts. If you cannot afford a 3-trophy buckled belt a simple leather belt will work well for you. But In all honesty avoid nylon belts as they are from the 80’s.

When you are armored with the 5 items listed above, it will be easy for you to pull that proud and healthy Texas smile and laugh at any joke about Texas without your ego taking the slightest offense: you know Texas is the best place to live in and everything about you shows it!