Wedding Accessories to Avoid

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It is a scary thought, but not all wedding accessories work for every bride. There is such a thing as overdoing it, and you do not want to draw all of the attention away from you and your special day because you have chosen some wedding accessories that do not pair well together or look distracting or mismatched. So how do you avoid a wedding accessories faux pas? We have some suggestions you won’t want to miss.

Large Hair Accessories/Tiaras

Many brides love the look of a tiara or headband to complement their hairstyle or wedding dress. However, bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to hair accessories. Make sure that your intended hair piece does not overpower your hairstyle or your veil if you choose to wear one. More relaxed hairstyles or an informal gown should have a hairpiece that matches that style instead of being the statement piece. Hair accessories that remain as statement pieces are bird cage veils, which are usually paired with minimal jewelry, a simple up-do and a vintage inspired gown.


Another thing to consider before you choose a large hairstyle, veil, or other head attire is the safety concerns. Some hairstyles and veils can limit your line of sight which can lead to tripping hazards; especially if you will be walking up some stairs or stepping up on a platform to say your vows! Also, long veils can catch fire if you plan to have candles, wedding sparklers, or other open flames during your ceremony or reception. It may be rare for these things to lead to problems, but you’re better off being safe rather than sorry on your wedding day.

Mismatched Accessories

Sometimes mismatched accessories produce very elegant, trendy and inspiring looks. However, this is not always the case. Styles can clash and cause the accessories to look tacky instead of elegant and complimentary. Some examples of items that clash with one another could be a vintage pearl necklace with large, drop diamond earrings. Certain dress cuts will also clash with pieces of jewelry. Bridal consultants can advise you of what kind of necklace or additional accessories would look the best with your dress cut, and may have examples in the store for you to try on.

Experimenting with different accessories before you buy is the best way to see whether or not the jewelry is complimentary to your hairstyle and dress or not. Flipping through bridal magazines will also give you some ideas to try out, and if you are ever unsure, it never hurts to ask a bridal consultant or trusted friend.